About Us

"We had a 4-hour session with Mim when our baby, April, was 2 weeks old. She brought all of her equipment to our house - it was completely stress free at a time when we couldn't cope with any more stress! It was a really enjoyable afternoon - Mim was really good with April (even though April weed on her twice!) The photos Mim produced were excellent - we were really pleased and would thoroughly recommend".


Hello! I am Mim, a London based portrait photographer specialising in newborn and children’s portraiture. I love photography. I have a BA in Visual Communications, with a specialisation in photography, which I gained at the American Intercontinental University London.

I was born in Berlin, Germany, and when I was six my parents moved us to London. I have also briefly lived in Paris, and have travelled extensively. I love travelling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. Whether that be through conversation, cuisine or art! Learning about the world is what makes me who I am. Incredibly curious, with a spoken mind. My curiosity is greatly put to use as a photographer, I get to intrude on precious moments such as beautiful weddings, or the first days of a tiny new person’s life, in order to capture those special memories for people.


I obtained a BA in Visual Communications from the American Intercontinental University London, with a specialisation in photography. This is where my love of photography started. In a random class that I decided to take, black and white photography.

Learning about this wonderful art, and standing in a dark room learning to process images was where my love for portraiture was born. Portraiture for me captures those fleeting moments in time, those lasting memories that are easily forgotten. Whether it is a once in a lifetime day such as a wedding, or an every day moment. For me, when someone looks at a photograph, it transports them back to that very moment, of pure bliss and happiness. Childhood, filled with innocence and laughter, passes by in a sweeping moment. So for me, capturing these early memories is an honour.